Windows PowerShell: Get-Help


In PowerShell, the Get-Help cmdlet is used to retrieve information about the usage of PowerShell commands. It provides documentation and syntax help for various PowerShell commands, modules, and scripts.

You can use Get-Help to display information about commands and how to use them, as well as examples of how they can be used. The Get-Help cmdlet provides detailed information about the command, its parameters, and their usage.

The syntax for using the Get-Help cmdlet is simple. Just type "Get-Help" followed by the name of the command that you want help with. For example, to get help for the "Get-Process" command, you would enter:

Get-Help Get-Process

You can also use the "-Detailed" parameter to get more detailed information about the command, and the "-Examples" parameter to see examples of how the command can be used.

Get-Help Get-Process -Detailed
Get-Help Get-Process -Examples

Using Get-Help can be very helpful for learning PowerShell, as well as for troubleshooting and debugging scripts and commands.

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